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MENJADI menarik mengamati bagaimana dunia internasional menyikapi situasi stalemate dalam perkembangan politik di tanah air kini.

Kemarin seorang teman menelpon, dia mau datang. Kusarankan tunggu dululah. Sekarang business dan pejabat sedang tiarap. KPK juga sedang ganas2nya. PImpinan Pertama dan PLN dicokok begitu saja.

Karena aku tak mau berlama-lama bicara di telpon, kubiliang nanti kukirimkan catatanku, biar dia faham. Begini catatan yang kukirim ke dia:

Dear Friend,

When you called yesterday, I was discussing with some friends at a café in Jalan Sudirman Jakarta, about the political situation we were facing which is a bit of an obstacle in facilitating the process of arranging important business meetings. This prolonged political deadlock was not anticipated, because it was usually a day or two after the election winner would be announced. This is not the case now.

Imagine, for the first time the electoral system was held one day at a time. Nearly 200 million people voted simultaneously for candidates: presidents and representatives, members of the Indonesian Parliament, at the National, Provincial, District and City levels, and 136 Senators, 4 from each Province. The selection was conducted at more than 820 thousand polling stations all over the country.

This is a simultaneous new election system trial. The result: until now the winner cannot be determined because the official calculation is still ongoing. Negative side: unprecedented in the world in the selection of casualties. More than 500 local committee officers died and more than 10,000 are still hospitalized. Now this is the attention and concern of the international community. The government has not answered. It is still unclear why.

The opposition said the 2019 election was "chaotic". Bawaslu (the supervisory body) confirmed that the general election was now in chaos. The General Election Commission (KPU) said the election exceeds the capacity of the state.

Opposition leader General Prabowo yesterday handed over nearly 80,000 complaints about Commission miscalculations. Together with community complaints and volunteers, there are more than 100,000 cases that the Commission must rectify.

We suspect that behind this chaos there is a scenario for engineering calculations for the purpose of setting the score that the final result must be 55-45 percent for the incumbent’s victory.

The Regulatory Body is busy serving complaints when the Commission's plenary count - the only official manual calculation recognized by the Law - in various violations, both by the Commission and volunteers from both parties.

Simultaneous elections in 2019 which were expected to abolish the practice of money politics turned out to be a failure.

Based on the data from the Bawaslu, the main problem focused on the chaos of voter data and the rights of many people missing, logistics, especially ballots and ballot boxes missing or not arrived at the destination and without official seals. While in the logistics storage warehouse in one sub-district in Bogor, around 680 ballot boxes and 6,000 ballots were damaged due to flooding. The Bawaslu also ordered a revote or vote recount due to fraud and violation of legal procedures.

In contrast to Jokowi's claim to have won the 56-44 percent presidential election and quoted by international media, the multi-level manual count now proves Prabowo is superior with a figure of around 60-40 percent. Everywhere people put up posters and billboards to welcome the new president.

Islamic scholars have also made a statement that Jokowi must be disqualified as a presidential candidate because he is proven to have committed a procedural violation and a large, systemic, structured and brutal theft crime by using all means including state wealth to win by himself and his supporting political parties.

This accusation is heavy and is the beginning of the emergence of People Power. This scared Jokowi so he invited Mr. Agus Yudhoyono to the presidential palace. In essence, Jokowi asked Agus's father, former President Susilo, to help persuade the ulamas not to urge disqualification and accept whatever the decision of the Commission. Obviously this request was not accepted by Susilo, and Jokowi looked very disappointed.

The situation is now a stalemate. The incumbent seems to wish to win at all cost and by all means available to him. But it seems, he is now counting his days in the office.



Last modified on Monday, 19 August 2019

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