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I have long heard of Kangen Water, an electrolysis-technology Japanese product producing alkaline, micro-clustered water for body detoxification which is now becoming popular in Indonesia. I had the chance to know it better when a friend of mine, Mr. Santany Lahmuddin, stopped by my office at Jalan MT Haryono in Jakarts to introduce this product.

Shortly afterwards, Mr. Santany Lahmuddin​ provided a demonstration at home in Cikini, Jakarta, attended by my family members.

I began to understand but was not fully convinced by the Kangen Water machine. This could be a marketing gimmick for a mediocre product, I said to myself.

After further reading from various sources on the internet, Kangen Water made more and more sense. So in early 2016 I bought a Kangen Water machine, type Leveluk JR II, for Rp. 27,5 million with 2 year credit facility, or around USD.1,800. Ever since then, all consumption of drinking water at home are originated from Kangen Water. For cooking, drinking water, coffee, tea, ice cube, you name it! Later on I also learned that Kangen Water products can also be used for beauty for women.

santany sedang edukasi dan demo kangen waterKangen machines vary in price depending on the type of product and 'sophistication', determined by how many layers of platinum or titanium are present in the machine. The more layers of platinum and titanium that exist mean more anti-oxidants, which in turn costs more.

My office, PT Visi Nusantara Konektivitas, had previously installed Hydrogen machine from Korea. I also ordered Oxygen Water, also made in Korea. Kangen, Hydrogen, and Oxygen are not competitors because they are different products, with its respective specs, functions, and complementary benefits.

Why did I buy a Kangen Water machine? We were interested because our youngest son, Davin, suffers from mild autism caused by his body's metabolism is not strong enough to neutralize the 'poison' that disrupts the workings of the brain, resulting in many distractions. Later I found out that we have to face and overcome many other dangerous diseases due to bad acidic body condition, and this would trigger serious illness such as cancer attacking the body.

In addition for in home consumption, we also shared Kangen Water with less fortunate neighbors, mothers who are friends of my wife at Davin school. For the less fortunate, our neighbors, school teachers, and families we shared water for charity. However, my wife's friends at Davin’s school stopped wanting it for free. They eventually started paying for Kangen Water, just to help reduce the electricity bill and monthly installment payment of the machine, as they said.

Kangen Water is useful to normalize blood sugar level (diabetes), osteoporosis, myoma (benign tumors in women), or prostate (disease present for men) or cancer, as well as in losing weight, as a side effect according to the sources in the internet, including from Kangen Water's presentations on Youtube, in English.


The road that brought me to Kangen Water came gradually. I seek to stay healthy amidst the fear of cancer, stroke, and various dangerous diseases in this retirement age. In my retirement age, since 2013, unfortunate news of my friends and seniors with regards to health issues has become a common occurrence. It is not so rare that several of these cases led to their death. Visiting a friend who is suffering from a stroke or mourning when a friend who is a cancer patient has died became a 'nightmare' for me. Visiting relatives or old acquiantances sufferring of Dementia or Alzheimer looks even more freightening to me.

I am not a young man anymore. I am 64 years old now, but I wanted to continue spending my days in good health after completing my service life, especially teaching in various places while completing PhD studies in Malaysia.

In short, I want to have a quality life: though old in age but always in good health. Not only for me, I also wish all of my family at home to be healthy.

This means not only for Davin who suffers from 'mild autism', but also my wife who drives a car ~50 kilometers to take Davin from home to school and back home 5 days in a week. My wife, Ade, must always be healthy, I thought. Because if she is sick, then it is up to me or the eldest son in our family, Edwin, to be in charge of Davin.

My wife also has a growing 'myoma', benign tumor which may be present in women. She also has a history of asthma that often recurred as a child. And she must be wary of this asthma so it doesn’t threaten her daily function and activities.

At home there is also my mother-in-law, 73 years old, in a not so healthy condition. She is undergoing a diet to prevent tumors that started to become malignant, and taking vitamins to overcome osteoporosis too. Often in the middle of the night she would wake up and could not sleep again. The effort to change the night's sleep in daytime was also not so successful.

This desire for healthy and a quality life led me to follow detox program from South Korea. Incredible program it was called. My body felt healthy and weight dropped by 6 kilograms, from 63 kg to 57 kg, after 3 month program. According to the manufacturer of this product, after the detox, then all the bad fat from the body would be thrown away. My waist also shrank about 3 inches less.

Problem arises. Given our diet based on foods that use a lot of oil and fat are threatening and we are afraid when the condition of this fatty body would return. Therefore it is necessary to make efforts to maintain the condition of the detoxified body. I do not want to depend on the Korean detox packing supplies. I had to find a sustainable way that was easy and cheap.

After careful studying various information about Kangen Water from numerous sources, I concluded that the product would be capable to maintain the body metabolism that had been achieved through Korean detox program. So I bought and installed the Kangen Water machine at home.

Kangen Water products are categorized based on the pH, a numerical scale that determines the potential of hydrogen present. Kangen Water product of pH 11.0 of which is considered base is not to be drunk. This product is commonly used as a powerful cleanser to clean the kitchen sink, dishes, cutting boards, to remove stains on cutlery, or even cleaning the toilet.

Kangen Water product pH 8,0, 85 - 9,5 from machine type Leveluk JR II we use to cook and also drink. When used to make tea or coffee, the aroma will be much more fragrant. Bitter tastes are gone. And when used to cook, the rice does not easily become stale.

Neutral Kangen Water of pH 7.0 product means free of chlorine, rust and is not cloudy. The water is very good to drink and can be used to take medication that will help the fast absorption of the drug with the maximum in the body. In fact, safe for babies to consume. Water pH 7.0 is also characterized by anti-oxidants and micro-cluster.

Acidic Water of pH 4.0 - 6.0 (also in the machine) is used for facial cleanser or skin moisturizer, if long in air-conditioned room. My married daughter, Aleksandra, likes to bring this product in her office. Friends like this product because it feels useful. No need to buy expensive products that available in the market, she said.

The first benefit after having Kangen Water machine is we no longer buy mineral water that used to cost me around Rp. 500.000 (approximately USD. 38) per month. Water pH 7.0 from Kangen Water tastes better than the mineral water products available in the market. I have enjoyed the benefits: a more fit body and higher spirit to conduct activities during the day.

Good sleep is guaranteed. Even less sleep is now not disturbing. For almost 2 years consuming Kangen water I am sure that my body is now in an alkaline state at pH level of body above 7.5. Gone are all the headaches, flu, or coughs without the aid of any medicine. This is amazing. In the past, even exposure to the rain is enough to make my body uncomfortable. My friend a doctor always prescribes --including the use of anti-biotic-- because I must be in healthy condition to cope with various official duties. I was too obsessed with getting the job done as well as I could.

Alhamdulillah, these symptoms has disappeared. The occasional breathing difficulty which I suffer from time to time, or being hospitalized due to food poisoning or allergies has never returned. On a day to day basis I am high mobile and very active post-service without any meaningful interruptions. And I am currently enjoying the benefits of having a good quality life.

Another side effect of Kangen Water for me is weight loss of about 3 kilograms, from 57 to 54 kilograms.

Since my consumption of Kangen Water in the beginning of 2016, my body is becoming stronger and fit. During the Ramadan fasting, I no longer experienced the feeling of a weakened body after 2 weeks of fasting. Usually during the second half of Ramadhan month, my body used to be susceptible to the threat of cold, cough and dizziness. Now it is no more. Although no food or drink is consumed during the day, the body feels fresh, only slightly weakened.

In fact my siesta, or afternoon nap, is as enjoyable as sleeping at night. Of course, less consumption of food and water, after the Ramadan fasting, my weight dropped 2 more kilograms and is now recovering to a level of 54-55 kilograms. With a relatively loose diet, this weight stays at that level. General checkup has shown that I am in a better condition than before.

My wife feels the same way I do ever since: fresh and dynamic, although she drives every day around 50 km for Davin. The myoma she is suffering may need time to heal but is now more controlled. My mother-in-law rarely complains of her health. Body condition is healthier. The most satisfying of her now is she has excellent sleep quality. Her tumor was no longer at an alarming point. Under control, that's it.
Our son Davin, can now focus more on learning because the toxins from food have been better neutralized, even if Davin continues with his diet.

Based on my observations and confirmed with what the reference claims, Kangen Water with pH 8,5 - 9,0, and 9,5 are important to restore the performance of vital organs in body. When body organs function well then then it will dispel various diseases that threatens the body, because Kangen Water contains active 'hydrogen' and alkaline quality fluid. The water character produced by Kangen Water machine is similar to the Zamzam water found in the Holy Land Mecca.

Kangen water contains high antioxidants, micro-clustered (small size) and has the alkaline-pH needed to maintain a healthy body. Metabolic acids in the form of toxins are neutralized and free radical diseases are also neutralized by antioxidants, which then acid and toxin in the form of small water, large water and sweat are transported to the outside of the body.

Kangen's own name is actually an abstract term from Japanese, with the pronunciation of 'khan-gang'. It means returning to the beginning or returning to nature. Reportedly consume water Kangen this will give the effect of good health, good metabolism system so that body can heal themselves from many kinds of disease, thanks to the ‘nature water’ quality produced by Kangen Water’s electrolysis technology.

What are the benefits of water Kangen?
Kangen Water is different from ordinary water. Ordinary water has a large particle size so that when we drink it will make our stomach feels bloated. In addition, ordinary water is not effectively absorbed by the cells in the body due to the large particle size. When we drink, water will be stuck in our stomach for some time, so that when drinking plain water, we can’t afford to drink in large quantities.

Different things happen when we drink Kangen water. Kangen Water has a small particle size (micro cluster) so that this water will quickly be absorbed by the body's cells and then circulated throughout the body to immediately transport toxic substances, oils, fats, cholesterol, acidic and other harmful substances and not useful to humans then immediately thrown through urine, bowel movements, or sweat.

When you drink Kangen water, the water is as if just "stopover" briefly in your body. This water is very fast working to do its job "fix" your organs and body. Then when finished doing its duty, all the dirt that was transported directly thrown out.

If you drink Kangen Water, no matter how much you drink it will not make your stomach bloated or make your stomach feel saturated. Instead of drinking water, with Kangen Water your dehydration will be quickly satisfied, your body will be very quickly refreshed, and the more drinking will get better to replenish more than 70% water in the human body becomes alkaline.

Drinking Kangen Water every day will impact on the smooth process of toxic disposal more quickly, so that various diseases can be overcome. When the body's metabolism increases then the vitality of the body is also improved. Protection with an alkaline body is useful to impact on the regeneration of new cells affecting youthness. Now, body feels fresher.

When threats to health are controlled, the organs of the body begin to function well, so the metabolism improves. Life becomes more quality when times can be used for good purposes, and feelings of comfort and self-confidence will increase.

Retired civil servant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, served as INDONESIAN AMBASSADOR TO POLAND, 2006-2010

What blessings would you afford to deny?
Jakarta, July 11, 2017
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Last modified on Monday, 19 August 2019

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